Asherah Research Group

April 3, 2012 5 Comments

An Information Security provider in the US. Our main offerings are Social Engineering, Competitive Intelligence, Social Network investigation, and Investigative research. We provide niche solutions, operational security, and special conditions management.

Asherah Research Group (formerly Backtrace Security) assists our clients to predict and neutralize emerging social threats. While other security companies specialize in hardware/software vulnerabilities and exploitation; AR Group specializes in the human experience.

  • Discordian - July 31, 2012 5:36 PM

    So according to Asherahresearch Anonymous is a group of hypocrites.

    There are alot of anons, there are people that fight for freedom of speech, freedom of information, for privacy etc.

    So you would guess that an operation like #antisec where anons violate the privacy of others would go against the "idea" of Anonymous, well, the people who think this are wrong in many ways.

    My personal belief is that an action requires an equal reaction, example: we get censored, we censor them back, I also believe that if you don't care for your privacy you can get hacked.

    Now there are anons that are against an operation like #antisec, and they have every right to voice themselves.

    The truth is, even if you are against what most of Anonymous does you can still be Anonymous, anti-anonymous groups can even start an operation for their beliefs.

    So what I am trying to say, Asherahresearch: you either don't get what Anonymous is, or you are trying to troll, either way you are full of shit.

    Free speech!


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