A little FAQ about me vs. Anonymous

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Just a little dispelling of rumor, and some questions for Anons, too.  Ranked by frequency.

1. You just hate Anon/seeking revenge because some anon in the past fucked you over.

A. Nope. Anons DID try their damndest to destroy me, and still try, but all of this occurred AFTER I left the group,

over the same behaviors I continue to object to. Anonymous more than any other group I've ever encountered, is prone to kill the messenger.


Anonymous doesn't just ignore its ideological opponents, it seeks to destroy them, and the truth in any disagreement is never even considered. Anonymous has treated ordinary enmity and good advice with the same amount of vicious invective.

My position on ANY movement is this: If you have to lie, cheat, steal and harass to get your point across, you don't have a point worth listening to.

The truth told plainly and peacefully speaks for itself.

Bullying is always wrong. Censoring an opposing viewpoint is wrong.


2. You're just a right wing troll/patriot zombie/government shill


A. I am pretty left-leaning in my political views. I believe in many of the same things anon does: transparency, an end to corruption in politics, privacy, and freedom of expression. After sitting through twenty years of screaming, game-playing from the right, I'm not welling to watch the left devolve as well.

Am I a patriot? Yes! I believe in the shared ideal of our founders and there is no shame being proud of a shared ideal, or in promoting that ideal. One can defend a good idea and still be critical of wrongdoing.

Government shill? No. I am advocating for my own beliefs, which include a belief in the value of the rule of law and the social contract. If you hurt people, for any cause, you should accept the consequences. Demonizing the law to excuse the actions of criminals and victimizers hardly generates sympathy for your position.

Troll? No. Trolls misbehave in order to cause disruption and entertain themselves. My possession of viewpoint that differs from your own does not make me a troll. Calling 'troll' is a cheap way to dismiss uncomfortable arguments and/or facts you don't want to hear. If you're seeing a lot of “trolls,” around, you might consider examining your positions.

Some of the ways Anon hurts liberty and Democracy while claiming to its heroes:

  • Anon claims it fights corruption, yet anon covers up its own corruption (criminal members, innocent victims, bullying, theft) If you oppose criminality and corruption, oust it from your own ranks. Don't cheer on horrible entities like Lulzsec and then write them off as a creation of the FBI. Exercise a little responsibility and intellectual honesty.

  • Anon claims it's fighting for transparency behind a wall of obfuscation and a campaign of fear

    (“oppose us and we'll destroy you" is NOT Transparency) Keeping an opposing idea at bay via fear and intimidation- isn't that what the “police state” is supposed to be doing?

  • Anon claims to fight for everyone's “right to privacy,” yet Anonymous itself has destroyed the privacy of millions of innocent people for publicity, revenge, or just because they could.

  • Anon claims to fight censorship- by destroying the voice of those they oppose, Denial of Service attacks on opposing opinions, doxing and harassment of opposing voices. You are not a champion of free expression if people are afraid to disagree with you.

Anon fights democracy and reason by making mob-inspired attacks on companies and individuals and making reasonable, dignified debate and discussion impossible. They paint anyone who agrees with their general principles as criminal by association.

Anons actions have allowed the governments they despise crack down on our freedoms at the same time they declaim all responsibility for the atmosphere of fear and uncertainty they revel in. They say “expect us,” they say, “don't f*** with the hive,” then they complain when people become afraid of them. People who fight for freedom should use it responsibly.


3. You just want to see us all in jail!

A. Not so. If that were the case I wouldn't keep trying to talk you off the ledge. I'd let you jump. I would've secretly cheered on Sabu and let up on my criticisms of him and the other sloppy criminals just like him.


I don't like seeing idealistic kids go to prison, I don't like seeing innocent lives sacrificed to a cause that can't even be honestly articulated, and I sure as shit don't like watching kids line up to have their lives ruined because they thought being in the cool kids crowd would be "lulz."


4. You ignore all the "good ops" like Tunisia and Egypt!

Nope. I think Anons who assisted with those ops had noble intentions. They may have even done some real good by bringing attention to the cause.

But the actions taken during those ops in no way excuse any of the harm anon and its offshoots have done to people's lives and privacy- the people whose data is exposed, whose websites are attacked to promote antisec, people who are smeared and harassed and bullied. It doesn't negate the victims of anon's pedophile smears, the identity theft and credit card fraud, the calls for violence, or the recruitment of children into DDOS activities.

If Anon was all about the "good ops" all the time, or even "most" of the time, you wouldn't have to ask. But they aren't, and a little good doesn't excuse a lot of bad.

You're part of a gang that does mostly bad things. They hurt people, they bully people, they ruin people's lives on the flimsiest of excuses. None of that behavior can be negated because one occasionally gave lip service or even aid to a good cause. KKK has donated to Toys for Tots, they're still assholes, too.

If you want to carry the flag against real repression, then do that. Don't spend fifteen minutes of caring about Tunisians and then move on to then next two-minute hate. Tunisians and Egyptians and Iranians are STILL suffering. What is anon's focus? Fighting anti-counterfeiting laws that may inconvenience them, while bragging about all the good they did helping the repressed in Tunisia.


4a. But we catch pedophiles!

Biggest crock of bull, ever. While the tiny elite that ran Anonops was openly pedo-friendly, and Anon's LOIC cannons controlled by an out-and-proud self confessed pedophile who ACTIVELY preyed on underage irc users, anons continually plan and carry out retarded "anti-pedophile" operations.

They do this because it's easy publicity and the victims too embarrassed to fight back. These actions are undertaken with a fair amount of rank cynicism, to bring 'good' publicity when then media is critical.


These ops have included "opdarknet," a largely non-existant event spun by a mentally ill anon who also professes to be the Messiah and the Antichrist.

They also include “pedo cop,” wherein a completely innocent K9 trainer was viciously smeared as a pedophile over a Granny-friendly email forward of funny baby pictures. A timid apology was tendered, much too late to do any good.

The worst example of this activity is when Anons dumped the database of a largely harmless hentai forum frequented by teenage girls, whose data was published alongside exhortations to “punish” these “pedophiles,” anon style.


5 But, we fight corruption! Surely you can't oppose that!

That would be lovely, if true. But it isn't. Anonymous really isn't too interested in corruption, per se. Corruption is a nice label they use for their enemies, but never apply to their allies (like the “innocent” Megaupload, or the thieves and carders in their own ranks) If you fight corruption, you can't continually rationalize corruption in your own group. Rationalizing is how ALL corruption begins.

Anonymous had an opportunity to be a real voice, to be heard. Instead, it has become a rampaging gang of immature children who will do almost anything to get attention and make themselves feel powerful. Inconvenient truth always generates more animosity than real injustice. Those that would fight “corruption” are themselves power hungry, egotistical, and corrupt. How many have been corrupted by promises of money, attention, fame, or personal glory? How many have personally eschewed abuses, only to ignore, or even cheer the abuses of others?

You cannot fight censorship with censorship, fear with fear, or corruption with corruption. You cannot excuse in your comrades what you abhor in the enemy. If you want to stand for truth, freedom, justice, you have to embrace those qualities in your own actions and beliefs.

Speaking of corruption, let's take a minute and talk about Julian Assange. Anons love Julian because he claims to fight corrupt governments, yet, they are completely credulous when he claims credible accusations of rape are mysterious CIA plots. Worse, they are completely silent about his decision to accept a job from Valdimir Putin, a man whose country is described as a “mafia state,” and has murdered hundreds of journalists. Every Anonymous has seen the


5a If you oppose Anonymous, you support corrupt governments/corporations!


This is the worst argument, and also the most common I hear from Anons. First, it is a false dichotomy. Anonymous is not the only force against corruption, nor is it even an effective one. Corruption is caused by greed, lack of oversight, and most of all, people rationalizing to place their own interests above the law, due process, or the rights of others. Does that scenario sound familiar?

Justice is traditionally portrayed as blind, representing the subjugation of passion to the impartial rule of law. We are often frustrated when justice and democracy move slowly, but they are slow because everyone, even the corrupt, are entitled to due process of law, and to defend themselves against accusations. One cannot fight for justice and democracy by using unjust, anti-democratic tactics.


Anonymous often claims to believe passionately in the cause of free speech and expression, yet they are very quick to abrogate that right for people with whom they disagree. I have personally been told numerous times that I “deserve” the harassment and threats doled out by members of the group for making arguments like those contained here. The inherent argument here is that the desires and opinions of Anonymous supersede my rights- solely because they are willing to resort to illegal, infantile, and dangerous methods to destroy people who oppose them. What sort of group behaves this way? (Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.)


Some good reading, by others whose perspective I admire:


http://the-duck-pond-blog.blogspot.com/2012/03/anonymous-dream.html A reasoned answer to many of Anonymous' “talking points”


http://www.pgpboard.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=282&p=443 An example of the right way to fight corruption- education, reason, and persuasion. This is what free speech laws aim to protect. Consider carefully that the financiers of Anon-friendly Russia Today have murdered hundreds of journalists for far less.


http://revmagdalen.blogspot.com/ Challenging ideas about Anonymous, OWS, and treating people who disagree like people.


http://mypetjawa.mu.nu/archives/211071.php Some great points, and very accurate in its research. Do you know what you signed up for?


https://aintrocketsurgery.wordpress.com/ Observations and critiques of Anon behavior. Many things in here a critically thinking Anon follower should know.








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